Gratitude for Peace

I have been studying gratitude, the law of attraction, energy work and such for quite a while now. I have created vision boards – and I have received almost everything I have posted on those boards.

However, now I am focusing more on gratitude. Not because I feel the need to be a “nicer” person, or that I hope I can receive more material things into my life. No. I am focusing on gratitude because it brings me inner peace.

In a chaotic crazed world, I find that focusing on gratitude slows my breathing, shifts my focus and provides a much needed feeling of inner peace and quiet.

Peace and quiet are all too often nonexistent in today’s world. We are constantly looking at our phones, our tablets, reading emails, and all the time, we are losing ourselves to a world of technology. The feeling of being able to have anyone get in touch with us at any time was once exciting for myself. Now, I just look forward to quiet time. Time when no one can get a hold of me. During that time, I think about how blessed I am. This adds more peace and contentment to that time. This is a time when I can relax.

Today I am focusing my gratitude on the trained and loving vets and vet techs. I quiet my mind and remember just how lucky I am to have a certain fur ball in my life. He is the most loving soul I have ever met. He knows what true love and peace is! All it takes for him to offer his unconditional love is a belly rub! Of course, you must learn to do it the right way!

Gratitude for my Vision Board

This morning as I was meditating on my day and taking care of the furry ones, I passed my Vision Board. Today was no different than any other day. I pass my vision board several times a day. But what was different today? I stopped and pondered my visions. I gave each image specific attention. I asked myself what I wanted to create today and in the future. Did my vision board reflect what I truly want? Yes! It definitely does!

Many people use vision boards to attract physical items they want to have in this life. That’s great! I have some physical items on mine as well! But the items that are most important to me are the feelings that I want! I want complete peace in my heart, in my head and in my life. And yes, I can create complete peace. It all depends on how I choose to hand situations. I will remind you at this point – that yes, I am human! Which means that I will overreact to situations, I will be hurt, I will be upset, I will be angry and probably a million other feelings as well! But if I can center myself and remember that this life is only temporary, I can attain that internal peace.

Today… take a moment to just “be” in your life and feel the peace!